The Blake's 7 Mailing List FAQ

Basic Stuff

What is this Blake's 7?

A TV series that originally aired in the UK between 1978 and 1981. It's got roughly the special effects and sets of Doctor Who, but with much more interesting characters and scripts.

What is this list?

It's a mailing list about Blake's 7. It was started by me (Calle) in early November 1992, and has been going ever since.

How do I subscribe?

Send a mail with a subject line of subscribe to

How do I unsubscribe?

Send a mail with a subject line of unsubscribe to

Is there a digest version?

Yes. To get on it, send a mail with a subject line of subscribe to To get off it, send a mail with a subject line of unsubscribe to

Is the list archived?

After a fashion. All the digests can be found on Lysator's FTP site. Not very pretty, but it's there.

For older postings (i.e., from 1992 to 1995), go up a level from the digest directory and down into the one called "archive".

Some day there might be a web interface and/or search engine. Don't hold your breath.

Help! I've got a problem with the list!

For technical-type problems, contact me.


What can/should I post to the list?

Anything related to Blake's 7, but see next question.

What should I not post to the list?

There are sort of two answers to this question. The first is what I don't want you to post. Read those as things you must not post. They are, in falling order of severity:

The second are the kind of things other list members might complain about. There's pretty much just one of those, but it's a biggie:

Other Resources

Mailing lists

Space City

This was the original erotica-friendly mailing list set up by Susan-Beth. Real-life things forced her to close it down in the summer of 1999, but most active subscribers just moved over to...

Freedom City

...which is the current erotica-friendly B7 mailing list, run by TigerM and (on the technical side) Robert Baskerville. Here's the most current information posting from it:
                Freedom City: Monthly Information Posting

This message has all the information you need to post to the Freedom
City list yourself, and to control how and where and if you receive the 
messages from the list.

*Please* save a copy of this message in case you need the information 
between monthly postings.

NOTE:  when you use any of the following commands, substitute your own 
email address wherever you see "MYNAME@WHEREVER.COM" and be sure to use 
exactly the form that majordomo should use/is using.

NOTE2: if you are sending your message from the address in question, you
can omit the "MYNAME@WHEREVER.COM" part completely, and majordomo will use
the return address from your message automatically.

NOTE3: if you put "end" on a line by itself after your command(s), you 
will not get that annoying automatic lecture on proper commands that 
majordomo sends whenever it gets confused by sig lines and the like.

How to:

+ Post a message to the list:
     send it to:

     "Replies" to an existing list message will automatically go that 
     posting address.

+ "Unpost" a message sent to the list in error:
     there *is* no way. So double check before you send off that
     steamy love letter, right?  (Or don't: Freedom-City enjoys
     reading smut....)

+ Subscribe to the message-by-message version:
   send to:
   body of message: subscribe freedom-city MYNAME@WHEREVER

+ Subscribe to the digest version:
   send to: 
   body of message: subscribe freedom-city-digest MYNAME@WHEREVER

   In either case, you will get back a message asking you to confirm that you 
   want to subscribe.  Follow the instructions in that message.  After that
   you will get the "welcome" message (aka the guidelines) and you
   will start receiving messages.

+ Unsubscribe from the message-by-message version:
   send to:
   body of message: unsubscribe freedom-city MYNAME@WHEREVER

+ Unsubscribe from the digest version:
   send to: 
   body of message: unsubscribe freedom-city-digest MYNAME@WHEREVER

Situations you might face and how to handle them:

+ You stop getting mail from the list. Assume your account bounced for 
     for a while and got automatically unused.  Send the appropriate
     subscribe message.  If you don't get the automatic "confirm" 
     message in short order (maybe wait an hour in case majordomo had
     a backlog) check with the provider of your email for local problems.
     Once sure your local mail is working, send another subscribe
     message. If the second also doesn't work, THEN email me
     ( and tell me about it. Be patient -- it may take
     a day or more for me to find out what the problem is. (I get busy.)

+ You want to unsubscribe permanently.
     Send the appropriate unsubscribe message.

+ You want to unsubscribe for a period (vacation/too busy).
     Send the appropriate unsubscribe message now, then send
     the appropriate subscribe message when you want the list
     mail to start again.

+ You want to change the address the messages are going to.
     Send both an unsubscribe message for the old address AND
     a subscribe message for the new address.  These can go in
     one message, but put each on its own line.

+ You want to change between message-by-message and digest versions:
     Send an unsubscribe message to the one you are currently getting,
     and a subscribe message to the one you want instead. These can go
     in one message, but put each on its own line.

Finally, if you follow these instructions and it doesn't work, email 
me ( about it and I'll see what I can do.  But, 
please, give it a couple of tries first, okay?  Maybe you just made a 
typo or something the first time.

The Spin List

I forget exactly when this started and by who, but at the moment it's run by Ross Mallet. Its stated purpose is to be the set-theoretical complement to my list. In english, that means that everything is allowed, except for that which is allowed on my list. So this is where you take interesting but not B7-related threads, random flamage, ranting about politics and what have you. As long as it's not about a certain TV series, you are allowed.

Web Sites

(Note: Let me know of any of these stop working)

Judith Proctor's site All the B7-related info you'll ever need, and then some.

Horizon The official B7 fan club.

Vickie McManus' resources for fanfic writers Lots of interesting information for those writing B7 fanfic.

Lisa Williams' vidcaps Pictures captured from the series, indexed by episode or character.

Some sites about specific characters and actors

Steven Pacey (Tarrant)
Travis 1
Travis 2

Just plain strange

Calle Dybedahl
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